Friday, December 23, 2016

Fimo Clay Ornaments

Fimo Clay is so much fun to work with especially when you have a couple of little ones to help you out. Unfortunately I didn't get any photos of my grandchildren's works of art. My grandson had a blast creating dinosaur impressed stars, hearts and trees. Meanwhile my one year old granddaughter couldn't be left out of the action, she choose the purple clay for her ornaments. It was so much fun.
Once the little ones were content with their projects I could get back to creating some for myself, as well as a few friends. I kept these ornaments to the classic white clay, embossed with elegant background stamps. Once cut into shapes a soft coloured ink pad was applied before baking. Next came the fun part of using my Fine Tec Watercolor gold and silver paints, adding detail to the design. With the paint and ink being water soluble a workable fixative was a must. Finally a gloss sealer, super fine white glitter and a gem completed the clay portion of these ornaments.

So Very Pretty,

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