Sunday, November 27, 2016

Sweet Picture Frame Ornaments

   Well, I made it through Black Friday without too much damage. Or at least that's what I tell myself {wink,wink}.
   Today's projects is dear to my heart because it includes photos of my sweet, adorable and amazing grand babies. As any grandparent can attest to, it really is a wonderful and exciting time of life. For us we are super fortunate that our grandchildren live in the same area plus they visit often.
   I must admit that this particular frame die from Waffle Flower went undetected, actually, it was skipped right over, that is until Laura Bassen made some wonderful Christmas ornaments, including one of her daughter. Oh, the memories that came flooding back, all the photos hanging on the grandparents trees of our children, so into the cart it went.  

Simply Adorable,

Friday, November 18, 2016

Christmas Circle Pouch

    One of my Favourite things to do is to create for others. As I belong to a couple of different groups I am always on the lookout for simple yet functional projects.
   These wonderful ornament pouches are perfect for this years gift. Not only will they look cute on the tree but they can be very useful; a key fob, earbud case, hold spare change or emergency money, an adorable advent with treats in for the kiddies, the options are many. Mine contain a silly Christmas joke plus a healthy 85% delicious chocolate.
   Using  Circle dies along with a die cutting machine made the cutting easy and precise, which is very handy when making many of these cute Christmas ornaments. Since the average shop does not carry small zippers I found a great resource called  "Zipper Stop", they do have a lot of choice at great prices.

Enjoy a wonderful season of creating,

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Watercoloured Christmas Trees

   What a super fun day I had guiding the ladies from the Women's Wellness  group, as we made these wonderful yet simple watercoloured tree cards. Last year when I saw this technique, by Kristina Werner, during her Holiday Card Series, I knew it would be the perfect project to bring to the girls.
   With that being said, it was so much fun to show and teach them how to use some of the tools of the trade. I could hardly contain my excitement when I revealed the Misti tool along with some wonderful sentiment stamps.What fun! Scoreboards, double sided tape, stickles and such were all new to their experience.
   Not only did their cards turn out great but seeing all the different expressions of design, colours and tree sizes made a super fun morning of connecting through creativity. 

 Last years samples:

This one got a little warped in storage, hopefully it will flatten out.

A great day,

Sunday, November 6, 2016

Wooden Tree Ornaments

   As promised I am back with part two of the wooden disk project. Once again thank you Jennifer.
   Now, I am sure most of you will think that this girl has to be obsessed or plain crazy which I am probably a bit of both. I must say that I take after my dad in that regard, if you make one you might as well make many.
  These wooden disk started out as being 6 last year morphing into an additional 64 making for a grand total of 70 ornaments. Either I am absolutely bonkers or I had a really fun time with this project. I think I will go with the later.
   As you can see I used a lot of different stamps on these ornaments many being from "Clearly Besotted", "My Favorite Things" as well as a few other companies. The main goal was they had to be small enough to fit on to the disks.
   Once again these images were coloured with Prisma Colored pencils, using the same method as the coasters.  Although, get this, they are all double sided, that's right both sides are coloured, just in case they spin around on the tree, mind you, I did drill two holes for the bakers twine to go through to stop this from happening as much as possible. Oh dear, I think my tiny tree is going to be very full.

Enjoy Creating,