Sunday, October 30, 2016

Winter Coasters

   Today's post is going to be the first of two parts. This first post is going to be on some winter coasters created from disks that my friends husband cut. The following post will be on some tree decorations also created from wooden disks.
    First off I must thank Jennifer McGuire for all of her inspiration and creative ideas, she is one talented lady. As you have probably figured out this idea originated from her, making these small wooden tags. For my creations I have taken that same idea and turned them into these wonderful coasters which will adorn my tables during the Canadian winter months. Although I despise being cold this frosty polar bear from "My Favorite Things" would be perfectly suitable for the up coming temperatures.  
   Now, I must admit that colouring these images with Prisma coloured pencils made for an easy and controlled way to colour on wood. Prisma pencils are a nice and creamy pencil that covers well. My daughter did try this method using other coloured pencils but the results were not quite the same. Although, she did however come up with a brilliant idea of stamping a summer image on the opposite side, now all she has to do is flip them over and a new season appears.
  One other thing I did discover was that applying one or two coats of Poly Urethane after the initial colouring, then, going over this thin coat touching up some of the shading or re-colouring the white really helped the colours from sinking or disappearing into the wood.
   These coasters were hard to photograph as there were many layers of finish applied to them, I'm sure you will still get the idea.


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