Friday, November 14, 2014

Windy Day

Unfortunately I know all about wind. Living in southern Alberta we certainly get to experience strong winds (sometimes reaching well over 100km), the worst times are usually spring and fall, although this can occur anytime of the year. Mind you wind is a natural resource which southern Alberta is taking into account, the landscape on the prairies is quickly becoming the next Holland with strips of windmills dotting the country side, quite a pretty picture. 
Along with the wind, winter is long and snowy, living in the mountains we do experience lots of the white stuff. What a combination, hence when I saw this Image from Mo's digital pencil I immediately knew it would have to be part of my collection. 
However, since I decided yet again to create another mixed media canvas, I took to sketching the image to fit the canvas, hence it is not quite to scale as per the original.

Too Close to Home,

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