Sunday, November 30, 2014

Fabric Stars

Tick, tick, tick, it is getting closer and of course I am super excited. My cards have been sent, the baking has been started, decorating is completed, which not only is a great start to the season but will take the pressure off later.
Today's project was a quilt guild evening where we all learned how to make these wonderful 3D snowflakes, it is all in how you assemble them that brings in the 3D aspect. The original pattern is for the larger 6" flakes, as usual I can't leave anything alone I must make some changes. With that in mind I adapted the pattern by cutting it in half whie creating a much smaller 3" version. These small snow flakes turned out adorable, so I figured why not try making them out of double sided paper instead of fabric, actually they turned out quite well. Although I still think the fabric ones have a bit more appeal to them, I guess it depends on where they will be used.

Let your light shine,

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