Friday, November 28, 2014

Candy Inspired Packaging

One of our family favourites is the handmade Christmas Crackers that line the table for our evening meal. These crackers are filled with wonderful tasty chocolates plus a little something in the form of a gift. The only problem with the traditional cracker is I no longer eat sugar and I really have no desire to feed it to my family.
With that being said the impitous for this years cracker replacement has come from the second issue of the amazing magazine Willow and Sage by Stampigton Company. This magazine is full of wonderful bath and body products including recipies, packaging and lots of gift ideas.
While perusing through this great mag I came across this sweet but not so tasty peppermint candy inspired soap packaging, which not only gave me the idea of a new cracker idea but fell into place with the soap making that my daughter and I have gotten into. Hence these delightful knitted morsels will line my table this year.
If you fancy making some of these cuties for yourself they are simply 24 stitches on size 10us knitting needles knitted up with red and white worsted weight yarn, in a pattern of 7 rows white, 2 rows red, 2 rows white, until you have 7 red stripes then finished off with another 7 rows of white. Next, cast off, sew in your thread ends and sew up then seam while forming a tube. In addition to the soap I will add the snapper before tying the ends closed with some yarn. Finally, I will add a name tag to each one taking care of the place setting markers as well. Brilliant, a great cracker with no calories.

Happy Snapping,

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