Sunday, October 5, 2014

Candy Corn Candles

I have a super fun project for today. Recently my daughter and I got together to work on a few items for the Christmas season. In our midst of the projects she suggested we make some Candy Corn candles for Halloween.
Although the method of candle making is relatively the same as when I made candles with mom, many years ago, a few of the supplies have changed. No longer were we needing to peel crayons to melt for the colour, we simply added a few shavings from a highly pigmented wax colour block. Another change was the metal base you attach to the wick, this not only helps to hold the wick to the bottom of the container, but also keeps it in the center, allowing the candle to burn even. Next was the choosing of the wax. Although there are several different options to choose from we chose to use a soy based wax. Not only did this allow us the nice white top layer but it also kept the other colours pure. Finally, we added a hint of pumpkin spice fragrance, not too strong, but as a subtle undertone, I do prefer my candles to be scent free.

Happy Burning,

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