Saturday, August 30, 2014

Birthday Cheer with a nice Glass of Beer

It has once again been awhile since I created a post. It seems that the crafting bug has up and left. Hopefully with fall fast approaching my crafty sences will kick in and the many ideas and projects floating in my brain will come to fruition. Furthermore, it would be nice to finish up the half started projects sitting on my table. With that said here is to a fun filled creative fall.
The project for you today is a card I created for my husbands birthday. It is a wonderful image I found on Deviant Art, once again from the very talented Jade Dragonne. Jades wonderful yet diverse images work well for many occasions, all the while finding an array of designs to match your colouring abilities.
This particular image worked well for my husbands card, most men like beer, plus there is nothing better than a cute barmaid to serve them up. Finally, it gave me the opportunity to practice colouring glass, fluids and countertops. A great combination indeed.
Enjoy the last days of summer,

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