Friday, June 13, 2014

The Big Bag

Hello again,
Wow, isn't it amazing how busy our lives can get! That has been mine lately.
Anyhow, it has been a joy getting back to crafting and sewing. Too long without creating is not good for my soul and can leave me feeling depleted. With that said I have a few things in the works that will be completed and shared soon. 
Today it is all about The Big Bag, a fun filled project which was a part of our quilt guild's year end wind up party. Not only was making this bag a blast but spending a full day at a bed and breakfast with the girls made for a good time. First off who can resist the meals being prepared, coupled with no clean up (a real no brainier in my book), combine that with a day of sewing, and woo who! Finally, a wind up dinner completed the day.
Now, onto the bag, which was constructed with forty four, five inch squares. While several of the girls used the convenient charm packs which are precut to that precise size, I decided to raid my stash, in doing so I came across a lovely set of  five fat quarters. Together the bright and cheery fabric, along with a larger coordinating piece (also from my stash) finished off the fabric requirements. As for the batting in this project we used a product called Soft and Stable which not only made for a single layer of batting but also provided an easy to quilt project, while giving the stability the bag needed, hence the name. At last to finish off the project we added magnetic snaps to the sides and front, which allows the bag to be pulled in or expanded when needed. 
This is indeed a big bag that will come in handy; take it to the beach, pack a quilt project for class, also a possible shopping bag for those larger items, although there is a chance it may become a little too heavy depending on the goodies found.

Summer fun,

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