Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Oh She Glows, Cookbook

Over these past 18 months I have been on a health and wellness kick. First, I started out by wanting to loose weight and get in better shape. I was tired of feeling like I was going to have a heart attack every time I did anything physical, where even the smallest task seemed too much. Next, I knew my diet needed revamping, my goal was to cut out sugar and excess snacking. After a while I cut down on the wheat, as I am not overly sensitive to wheat I did not eliminate it completely. 
Well my program worked. I am down to an ideal weight for my height. Futhermore I excerise 5 days a week, my cardio is good and my muscles are becoming toned. It feels great.
Along with my excerise regime, diet was an important factor. While knowing that the traditional diets only cause yo-yoing and determined not to let this happen again, led me to some amazing new cookbooks. 
Amongst the few new books that I purchased my all time favorite is the "Oh She Glows" by Angela Liddon. Angela's book is a delight. Not only is there a photo for every recipe  (which I love and many other books are missing) but the recipes are amazing, very tasty, and as added bonus my family loves them too. 
Additionaly she gives advice on how to adapt the recipe to fit your particular diet, whether being gluten free, processed sugar free, nut free and more. She also encourages you to try different flours, spices or other ingredients all the while letting her know the outcome. 
One other point Angela's book is vegan, but most of the recipies can be adapted to your own preference, throw in some chicken or fish if you like. I added an egg to her lentil walnut loaf and it held together beautiful.
If you don't want to jump in and purchase the book right away, check out her "Oh She Glow's" blog. This incredible blog has many of the recipies from her book, great stories on how she came up with the recipies as well as lots of wonderful photos. 

Happy Cooking,

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Baby card

My niece recently had a beautiful baby girl. What an amazing gift it is to bring a new life into a family.
We wish them all a happy and healthy life filled with joy and love.
As can be seen I have joined in making one of those nifty box cards. It took a little figuring out but in the end the card came out terrific. I will definitely make more of this design in the future. 
Once again Make It Crafty has come out with the perfect set of images, this particular series is all about the geeky couple having a baby. I chose to use the sweet and loving images from the set. Other cute images in the line is  a baby crying its lungs out, as well a stinky diaper change. Those images would have been fun to use as well.
Finally take note of the picture hanging above the fireplace, it contains a photo of the baby. This was all possible because of the png formatting that the Make It Crafty images come in.

New beginnings,

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Paper Pieced Tree

Today I am sharing a paper pieced tree that I made in our guild quite sometime ago. Not only was this project quick and simple, it gave us girls the opportunity to brush up on the technique. Once you get your project started it goes together quickly leaving you with sharp points and perfectly matched pieces. If you have not yet tried paper piecing it is a breeze and well worth giving it a go.

Happy Piecing,

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Crochet a Pansy

My parents always liked petunias, but my favorite was the pretty little pansy with their cute faces and vibrant colours. Not only do I have a soft spot for the pansy, but then there is the adorable Johnny Jump Up, a tiny version of this particular flower. Consquently this sweet little flower has become the inspiration for this fun project. 
Flowers to me add such wonderful dimension to a card, meanwhile handmade flowers create a unique and special dynamic. Wanting to bring this incredible aspect to some of my own creations, I came across this amazing idea for crochet pansies
As can be seen my first flower turned out a little large being the size of a regular pansy. Keeping that in mind, I grabbed  a smaller hook plus much finer thread from my stash and set out to create a second flower. This particular flower turned out much smaller only being slightly larger than the Johnny Jump Up itself. Fortunately, this size will be perfect for adhering to a special upcoming card in the near future.

Happy crafting,

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Super Mom 2

When you have a great image such as Super Mom from Kenny K it gives the perfect opportunity to colour the image several different ways. This little blonde beauty, strong yet feminine leads the way to wishing a Happy Mothers Day this year.

Be Beautiful and Strong,

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Needle Fairy 123

Our quilt guild holds a mystery quilt gathering the first weekend of May each year. While all the girls know my love for paper crafting and colouring. One of my jobs has been to come up with some simple but cute gifts for the participants, as well as to create some fun yet unique ribbons for the quilts. 
This years inspiration comes from the talented Nela along with the adorable Mo's digital pencil image Fairy Needle. When I first saw Nela's project I knew with a slight variation they would be perfect.

Happy Quilting,