Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Love To Dance

Recently while I was reading the Shape magazine there was an article featuring Sharon Stone, who of course looks absolutly amazing. Sharon has a body that rocks, while at the age of 56 she wants to be the best she can be. Her goal has been to have the body of a dancer, lean, limber and strong, yet graceful. She has definitely accomplished this.
Not unlike Sharon we all have dreams and desires which we may or may not achieve, but almost every girl at some time in her life loved to dance and twirl, to move her body and wear a tutu just for fun.
Today's sweet image "Love To Dance," was created by the talented Wendy Burns from All Dressed Stamps. It not only represents the long lean lines of a dancer with grace and sophistication but also has given me the opportunity to try a new method of colouring.
You might recall that I received a full set of Prisma Coloured pencils for Christmas. While I played a little with them, I was not thrilled with the results. Trying to run before you can walk kind of thing. With that said I soon realized I needed to take a step back and try them out with what I already knew and that was colouring images for cards. I must say I did enjoy the whole process of colouring a smaller image while at the same time not having to worry about realism. Being pleased with the result I will colour more images with my pencils and who knows one day I might yet be tempted to try realism once more.

Happy Dancing,

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