Monday, February 10, 2014


Although I am a vibrant Copic Colourer, there are times when I love to step out of my comfort zone. This being one such time, hence the reason I decided to partake in the hard category of the Make It Colourful Challenge. Not only is this an area that I have completely avoided, but also struggle with the idea of having such a limited palette of colours to choose from.
With that being said, this was one of those amazing opportunities to challenge myself and try my hand at monochromatic tones. Furthermore, Make it Colourful's hard challenge is to use brown tones all the while trying to create the look of a sepia coloured photo.
Well needless to say, I took to this colouring method like a duck to water. So, with my first attempt I decided to use one of the new fashion girls "Seductive Barbs" from Make It Crafty, all the while colouring her with my favorite brown family the E40's. I quite enjoyed the process and learnt a lot.

Having fun,


  1. You've done really nice shading on the clothing and I love the highlights on your skin.

  2. I love how you colored the this image and the highlights that you've left in there. Great tones and very well done! Love the background stamp on the paper too. :D Thanks for joining the Make it Crafty monthly challenge!

  3. FAbulous coloring! I love all the details and the card is beautiful!
    thanks for joining at Make it Crafty monthly challenge!