Thursday, February 6, 2014

Computers and Electronics

Computers and electronics, these are a few of his favorite things. Resistors, L.E.D.'s, IC's are gizmos that I do not know much about. Although, I am a little better with software and certain aspects of the  hardware in a computer, the rest is a foreign language to me. Nevertheless, as long as I am able to post a blog, write PDF's, search the internet and a few other menial tasks I am happy. 
As for my sons birthday I recalled seeing this Mo's Digital Pencil, Computer Guy image being used. Needless to say there could not be a better image suited to him. In fact, I was able to rob my husbands electronic stash adding the unique yet super fun aspect to this card. Furthermore being able to customize a project as such not only makes it special but also adds the personal touch.

Have a very a happy birthday,

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