Friday, February 28, 2014

Can You Hear Me Now?

Communication has advanced in leaps and bounds, and today every child seems to have a phone, IPad, or one of the many other devices that keep them plugged in. Can you hear me now from Sassy Cheryl is a memory of times gone by, when children's imaginations were simple yet fun, and at the same time allowing us to explore new and exciting possibilities for ourselves.
This sweet image reminds me of how easy it was to be a child, playing and having fun was what we were good at. As my husband works for the phone company I figured this would be an appropriate card for his mothers birthday. Not only because of the communication aspect, but also the lovely bright colours installing hope that warmer days are coming.

Happy Birthday,

Sunday, February 23, 2014


It is amazing how quickly things that were once normal become obscure. Cloth diapers are one of these things. Unfortunately when my children were young the disposables were a little to be desired, despite this, they were disposables all the same and I was in. However this being said I also tried the cloth counterpart a few times, nevertheless the ease of the disposable won out. 
Since my daughter has also decided to give the traditional cloth diaper a try, I figured they might as well be a fancy designer fitted diaper made out of super soft yet cute printed flannel fabrics. Finally one dozen diapers, plus the addition of twenty one absorbing layers complete the stash for now. Fortunately they turned out super adorable; now all that's left is a month or two of growing so they fit.

Stay warm and dry,

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Diaper bag

Next in the baby line is an adorable diaper bag with change pads. As every mother knows the amount of clothing changes, diaper changes and parifinallia you need for a baby, so what better than a bag made with the adventurous  paddington bear.
Paddington has been a favorite character in our family since my children were babies, the stories of his adventures, sticky marmalade sandwiches and the pickle he would get himself into kept my children entertained and laughing. Hence, when I saw this line of fabric I knew it would be perfect for a diaper bag hopefully brining a few adventures of there own. 
The patterns are yet again from the all familiar Art to Heart books, this particular one being "Winsome Baby", a book filled with all sorts of wonderful projects for the little one.

Have a fun filled day,

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Monochromatic 3

Well, guess what? I told you I was hooked, this is my third attempt in just as many days. Get me started on something and look out.
One of the colour families that I enjoy colouring with are the E70's. I find the mauve undertones very pleasant and appealing. The interesting thing with trying different colour families is the adjustments you have to make to the colouring process. With this colour family I had to make sure to leave more areas white or the image would have quickly become too dark. Besides this the contrast between the white and the coloured areas quickly fell into place.
 Today's image from Make it Crafty is once again "Seductive Barbs," who is fun to colour and looks wonderful on a card. Only, this time she does not have a pattern to her skirt. 
I hope you have enjoyed seeing the differnt colour families that I chose to use, as well as the diversity in looks they created. This certainly has been a wonderful and fun Challenge from the girls at the Make It Colourful blog.

Keep on playing,

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monochromatic 2

As you have seen in my previous post, I have had a try at monochromatic colouring. Enjoying the process I decided to give another go at the technique and challenge from Make It Colourful. This time I chose to use another one of the new images from Make It Crafty, named Groovy Rachel. Not only are these new girls cute and fashionable they are fun to colour. 
The E30's were my choice of colour family this go round. Unfortunately the darker tones were a little harder to blend than the E40's. In the end the finished result turned out quite nice.

Have a great day

Monday, February 10, 2014


Although I am a vibrant Copic Colourer, there are times when I love to step out of my comfort zone. This being one such time, hence the reason I decided to partake in the hard category of the Make It Colourful Challenge. Not only is this an area that I have completely avoided, but also struggle with the idea of having such a limited palette of colours to choose from.
With that being said, this was one of those amazing opportunities to challenge myself and try my hand at monochromatic tones. Furthermore, Make it Colourful's hard challenge is to use brown tones all the while trying to create the look of a sepia coloured photo.
Well needless to say, I took to this colouring method like a duck to water. So, with my first attempt I decided to use one of the new fashion girls "Seductive Barbs" from Make It Crafty, all the while colouring her with my favorite brown family the E40's. I quite enjoyed the process and learnt a lot.

Having fun,

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sexy Cupid Love

Love is in the air, after all it is February and we need something to occupy those cold winter days. Moreover isn't that what life is about, spreading joy, love and happiness? Therefore, I have decided to play along with the girls over at Kenny's Krafty Krew.
Whether or not you partake in this celebration there is an endless supply of creativity surrounding this auspicious day. Given that this card will go to my husband, I chose to use the incredibly bodacious Sexy Cupid from Kenny K's line of digital images. As a result I kept the remainder of the card simple and clean allowing for the vibrant image to be the focal point.

May you be happy and loved,

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Computers and Electronics

Computers and electronics, these are a few of his favorite things. Resistors, L.E.D.'s, IC's are gizmos that I do not know much about. Although, I am a little better with software and certain aspects of the  hardware in a computer, the rest is a foreign language to me. Nevertheless, as long as I am able to post a blog, write PDF's, search the internet and a few other menial tasks I am happy. 
As for my sons birthday I recalled seeing this Mo's Digital Pencil, Computer Guy image being used. Needless to say there could not be a better image suited to him. In fact, I was able to rob my husbands electronic stash adding the unique yet super fun aspect to this card. Furthermore being able to customize a project as such not only makes it special but also adds the personal touch.

Have a very a happy birthday,

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Blankets, Bibs, and Burp Cloths

Since the birth of my grandson my sewing machine has barely stopped, with over 1000 meters of thread, many meters of soft and cuddly flannel as well as other sweet baby fabrics. I have been having the time of my life. So where do I begin and what do I want to share first? 
Let's see, I think I will start with the first and yes I did say first set of receiving baby blankets, bibs and burp cloths. What new mother doesn't need a nice supply of the basics? Playful bunnies, sunshine and a wonderful park setting create a sweet background for any baby. As for the blankets they are made with a self binding design where the contrasting back fabric folds around to the front. The bibs are yet again from my Art to Heart collection called Winsome Baby and the burp cloths have been adapted from the bib pattern making a nice coordinating set.

Keep warm and cuddly,

Blankets, Bibs and Burp Cloths part 2

When I come up with a good idea for something, in paticular one that I feel would come in handy for future use, I get right into action and complete the task. This is how it went for these lovely blanket sets. Although I have made them in the past, I soon realized that they make the perfect baby gift. Consequently, after making my daughters first set I figured I could use a couple in my stash. Therefore I set out and purchased more flannel that would work for eitheir gender. In fact the fabric was so cute I bought extra to make my grand baby another set as well.

How fun are they?

Sunday, February 2, 2014

To A Sweet Baby Boy

Today's post is a special one, in fact over the next while you will be seeing a few extra posts. As mentioned previously I have a lot of birthdays towards the end of January and the beginning of February, well now there is one more to be added to the que, the birth of my first grandchild. Not only is this an exciting time for my daughter and her partner but the rest of our family as well. 
Seeing that one of my favorite pass times is to create for others, this gives me the perfect opportunity to create fun and cute baby stuff to my hearts content.
So on with the first of several baby related posts. Today is a card which was created using the wonderful, sweet baby image all swaddled up against his mama called "Close to my Heart".  As a result this image is a perfect choice for a brand new bundle of joy all the while celebrating the gift of motherhood. 
Saying all that, Krista Smith from Saturated Canary has several other cute images that would also welcome the arrival of a new baby.

So here's to my daughter, her partner and their new son,