Saturday, January 4, 2014

Maddie Loves Cocoa

Winter here in Canada can be terribly long and cold. Consequently I have become what one might call a weather whimp, always looking for ways to keep cozy and warm. I liken myself to a hobbit before any adventures safe in my abode with the fire roaring (not quite we have a gas fireplace, but it sounds nice), also instead of a nice calorie rich cocoa I tend to settle for a cup of  spicy fragrant tea. In any event winter has become a time for contemplation, introspection and creation.
These super cute and very fashionable little girls from Sassy Cheryl have no problem knowing what keeps them warm, dry and comfortable. Furthermore these adorable bookmarks will gladly hold your place in a favorite book during times of introspection and contemplation.

Sweet and wonderful thoughts,

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