Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy Birthday Mom

Today is another special day where I get to celebrate two birthdays. The first is the card I am sharing with you and the second is my friends whose card I will share later. I love it the when birthdays of my friends land on the same day as family it makes them easy to remember.
To begin with I love birthdays, they represent a special time where you get to celebrate who you are, the good and the not so good. It is the total sum, all of our experiences. A celebration of our uniqueness as well as our individuality, a time just for you. 
So on this happy occasion I wish my mom (who is one of my biggest supporters) a very happy birthday and an amazing day filled with happiness and joy. Enjoy your day mom and remember your worth it.
Next a little about this card. The colours were chosen as many of you can guess for the wanting  of spring, bright colourful and cheery. Additionally this very talented baker Sally with her Triple Layer Delight, yet another cute and wonderful digi stamp from Sassy Cheryl's makes this card complete.

Finally, thanks mom for all the encouragement and praise that you send my way.
Have a great day,

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