Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mini Explosion Boxes

Today's post is a fun one, super cute and easy to make birthday explosion boxes. I first came across the idea from Anja's blog, who made these fantastic little boxes for a party that she was attending. I knew after seeing hers I would have to create a few myself. Using the leftover papers from other projects I created these wonderful little boxes.
How cute are they? Well the nice thing is if you want to make a few for yourself you can follow along with my tutorial.
1. Cut two pieces of paper 4 1/2"  (11.43 cm) square. It is nice if they are coordinating papers  for the top and the bottom.
2. Line up the bottom piece of paper at the edge of your score board. Score at the 1 1/2" (3.8 cm) mark.
*TIP: As an alternative to using a score board try using a firm foam pad such as a mousepad, a ruler and a blunt object such as the back side of a butter knife with medium pressure to score.
3. Next, score along the 3"  (7.62 cm) mark. Rotate the paper 90° and score again using the same measurements. Giving you a # shape pattern.

4. After completing your score lines, cut away the four corners, as shown in the photo below.

5. Round off the corners using a large round corner punch. 

6. To finish the explosion box bottom fold along the score lines.
Now with the bottom of the box complete, we will create the box top.
7. The top of the box has a slightly different line up point on the score board. This will give a little extra room so that the top of the box will fit over the bottom. On my score board I have two markings at the beginning one that reads 0 then another mark slightly further in with an arrow. This mark is approximately 1/16" further in from the edge of the board. This is the mark you will be aligning the edge of your paper with.
8. Score the paper at 1 1/2" (3.8 cm) mark, rotate your paper 90°, line up with the 1/16" mark on the score board and score again at the 1 1/2" mark, repeat twice more. For this step you must rotate your paper and score to keep the right dimensions for the top to fit.
9. Next we create tabs for sticking our box lid together. Lining the edge of the paper with the 1/16" mark score at 1 1/4" (3.18 cm) mark, score stopping at the next score line. This will create a 1/4" (.64 cm) tab. Repeat to all corners.
10. Cut out the corners along the tab line to the score line, then across the score line to the box folding line creating a 1/4" (.64 cm) tab.
11. If you have a fancy edge punch, punch the bottom edges, if not you might want to trim them 1/4" (.64 cm). this will make the top slightly shorter than the bottom for easier separation and the chance to see the coordinating paper. Apply two face tape to the tabs. Fold the box lid along the score lines and stick the tabs to the inside of the box top edge.

12. Finish off the top of the box, by using either a punch or a purchased butterfly of your choice. You can also stamp, rub on, or computer generate a banner tag. I used "Happy Birthday" for mine, although any occasion would work nicely. Apply both to the top with two faced tape.
13. Place in a treat, and they are ready to go. 
I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial, it was fun to create.

For a downloadable PDF of this tutorial:
Google Drive Version
Drop Box Version
Have a wonderful day,

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