Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tee It Up

The selection of images over at Saturated Canary are not only unique and beautiful, but also cover an extensive range of topics allowing you to find that perfect image to make your project come to life. Obviously Tee It Up is one such image, her unquestionable cute looks, coupled with superb golfing fashion, suites my friend to a tee. 
The beautiful weather this past summer, gave my friend ample opportunity to get out on the course and enjoy the fine sport of golf with her husband. Inspite of being fairly new to golfing she found the game immensely satisfying, and in fact discovered she has a talent for the sport.
Unfortunately, as the warm days begin to wane and the cool days of winter take over, golfing must come to an end. Nevertheless her memories will carry her through to next spring.
With a final note on today's post, I wish her a very happy birthday.

Have a happy day,

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