Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blog Card


Unfortunately many of the people I know and talk to have little idea what a blog is or how to access it. Therefore my son and I created a blog card specifically for my friends, family and other acquaintances in the hopes that this will give them an easy reminder of where to go to to view mine.

In the end we decided to create two of versions of the card. To begin, the vertical card on the left was laminated to give it rigidity and protection, at the same time allowing it to function as a bookmark. Fortunately there are not too many e-readers users among my close social circle which should provide them with a useful tool. The second version is your standard business card style, printed on smooth thick paper which in turn should provide durability and strength.

One of the great features, the QR code makes for an easy direct link to my blog. Above all, I love its colours and how the style matches so closely to my blog.

Thanks for taking a look,


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  1. I love this, perfect with the scooter n all :-)