Thursday, August 29, 2013

Blog Card


Unfortunately many of the people I know and talk to have little idea what a blog is or how to access it. Therefore my son and I created a blog card specifically for my friends, family and other acquaintances in the hopes that this will give them an easy reminder of where to go to to view mine.

In the end we decided to create two of versions of the card. To begin, the vertical card on the left was laminated to give it rigidity and protection, at the same time allowing it to function as a bookmark. Fortunately there are not too many e-readers users among my close social circle which should provide them with a useful tool. The second version is your standard business card style, printed on smooth thick paper which in turn should provide durability and strength.

One of the great features, the QR code makes for an easy direct link to my blog. Above all, I love its colours and how the style matches so closely to my blog.

Thanks for taking a look,


Monday, August 26, 2013

Birthday Card

The card that I am sharing was made a while back, it is my husbands birthday today, therefore there was no showing it ahead of time.
When I first came across this image I figured it would be a good one for a man, not a typical male image, but one I figured would work for a masculine card. Generally speaking, which man does not like pretty girls and chocolate? Consequently, together they make a winning combination. 
At the present time I will not be able to link you back to the image as I cannot remember where I got it from, possibly Deviant Art.
A nice cup of Starbucks tea, a delicious homemade banana blueberry muffin and a hand crafted card by your loving wife is a great way to start a birthday celebration. Follow this up by an afternoon of golfing with your son on a beautiful summers day. Finally coming home to finish off with an amazing BBQ salmon dinner, a nice cold beer, coupled with an evening spent with your family on the whole makes for a great day.

See you soon,

Thursday, August 22, 2013

You Know Your High When....


Today I am sharing something completely different, it will fall under the more category. At first thought I would keep my blog to crafts and such, but considering I had the most amazing journey the other day I felt compelled to share it.

My son and I decided to climb a mountain near our home, I never thought I would be able to accomplish a task of this magnitude before. First it was fear of hurting myself and a pure lack of confidence. Over the years I became out of shape and put on weight. In January I decided it was time to do something about it. I am not one for New Years resolutions but I felt it was time. Time to give up the sugar, cut down on wheat and get my butt off the couch. In just 7 1/2 months I am doing something I never thought possible, climbing a mountain. It certainly was no easy task, it took a lot of mental and physical energy.  When you are new to climbing mountains you are thinking of how you would place every step, where to plant your poles and how you are going to get your leg up. It used a ton of energy. As I am not a seasoned climber there are a few things that I would do differently next time. At times I was not sure I would make it but we did and nothing felt more amazing when I got to the top. You could see to the edge of the horizon, the prairies beyond the mountain range, the Old Man reservoir, hills and mountains and logging roads we can not see from town, and the extent of a massive forest fire we had a few years back. The sky's were so blue, with wispy clouds hanging perfectly and there was no wind, which for this is incredible, we are known for our winds. It was the day coupled with the perfect weather. On the top we had a snack and some water while leaning back on rocks taking it all in, it was a special time to share. When it was time for the return trip I wished a helicopter could come and get us, just like on the commercials for the lottery. My nerves were starting to get the better of me, although it went just fine, sitting at the top I am seeing the whole journey, as you are making your way back down the path you are only seeing the steps and which are the safest. It was about a seven hour trek, we were both ready for it to be over but enjoyed ourselves tremendously. At last we were on the flat again and heading for home feeling tired, proud and accomplished. I still cannot fathom that I climbed a mountain, I will always have the memories, photos and a few sore muscles as the evening wears on. Next time I will have more confidence and trust that I can do it.

What an amazing journey,


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kenny's Krew Card Challenge, Case a Card #153


Today I am sharing with you another Kenny's Krews' Case a Card ChallengeAt first I was not sure what was meant by case a card, although it became clear once I visited the design team blogs. Thankfully on  Danielle's blog she informed us that this challenge was to be inspired by one of their cards. Therefore, my inspiration came from Kjersti. From the moment I saw her card I was enthralled with the vibrant colours and detail.

The image I choose to use is my Spotlight prize digi Craft Star. I started by making a mirror image of her so she would fit into the background I found on Diviant Art. Then I added bricks to the back wall as well as simple images to the notes on the cork board.

A very fun challenge indeed,

Have a great day,


Friday, August 9, 2013

Sweet Pea Stamps


Another wonderful scooter day, the weather amazing and the riding was fantastic.

Today I am sharing a collection of digital stamps that I have coloured. To start, Ching-Chou Kuik and Rebecca Sinz are both very talented artists that create for Sweet Pea Stamps. Three of the images are by Ching-Chou the first being, Come Softly, who is patiently waiting for a butterfly to land. The second Ching-Chou image I would like to draw your attention to is, Love is Gone, where the moonlight has her reflecting on past loves. The third and last of the Ching-Chou images I would like to make note of today is the sweet and caring Purple Woods protector of the angel cats. Last but not least, the fourth image on the page is Rebecca's angel Hope who is utterly beautiful.

Both of these gifted artist have many unique and inspiring images to choose from.

I hope these images bring you as much crafting inspiration as they have brought me.

Have a great day,


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Fernanda Flamenco

Life is great, we are on a fantastic scooter getaway in the beautiful Kootenays of Brithish Columbia. 
Today I am sharing a card made with a Kraftin Kimmie image. I had this stamp for a while and decided it was time to tackle those ruffles.
Fernanda Flamenco has all the grace any dancer could ask for, a gown that Dancing With The Stars would be pleased to wear, plus the skill to make it come alive. Fernanda was a lot of fun to colour, keeping to small sections of the ruffle at a time made it easier to depict and layer your light and dark tones.

Enjoy the day,

Friday, August 2, 2013

Kenny K Steam Punk #152 Challenge