Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tins and More Tins

When I come up with a project I enjoy creating I can become a little obsessed to say the least. Today I am showing you one of those times when ideas flowed and I had to follow. This persists until I either run out of supplies or have had enough. 
Not only are these tins inexpensive, (from Ikea at $0.99 each), they also provide a place for your unorganized art supplies.
Applying a coat of gesso to the tin will act as a primer adhering acrylic paint, while carefully torn coloured images give a soft edge for blending in with the background. Therefore designing the rest of the tin to match your image is just as rewarding and fun. 
Once the background is painted the image is adhered with Modge Podge, in the meantime use your paints and markers to blend the two mediums together. Finally, finish off your tin by accessorizing it with flowers, buttons, words, outline anything you desire with a fine tipped black marker of your choice and then apply couple coats of varnish.

Warning: This is a sample of the tins that I have made, I given many away, nevertheless addicting but extremely fun to make.
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