Sunday, July 21, 2013

Glass Fusing

How about some glass fusing? It is so much fun. We like to go Whitefish, Montana, a very nice tourist town. They have a awesome place where you can do several different projects, Stump Town Art Studio, glass fusing is just one. If you happen to go and make one, you don't get to take it home the same day, they have to fire it twice. The first firing is to melt it together and the second is to slump it into shape. They do ship if you are not able to pick up. The nice thing about going to the studio, all the mess and supplies are there. A lot easier on the pocket book. 

My first plate, before firing.

After firing and slumping. The slumping gives it a nice shape, if you wanted it to be flat you only need one firing.

My second plate, before firing.

After firing and slumping.

I have my next plate already in my mind. They are fun to make and use, something different to display your appetizers on.

Have a terrific day

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