Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Zoe: Colouring Long Hair

The card I am sharing today was a tutorial from Zoe McGraths amazing e-book, Colouring Long Hair in fine detail. Zoe takes you step by step adding and building up the layers, first in gray tones then in colour, following along could not be easier. The image itself was kindly made for and named Zoe, by the talented Krista Smith.
It is helpful to hold the Copic marker close to the tip to provide you with precisely controlled strokes. After all, colouring this much hair takes time and patients, you might as well get a nice cup of tea to drink while you work. 


Giving yourself plenty of time when colouring long hair increases the success with depth and the layering of strands.
Until next time,


Tins and More Tins

When I come up with a project I enjoy creating I can become a little obsessed to say the least. Today I am showing you one of those times when ideas flowed and I had to follow. This persists until I either run out of supplies or have had enough. 
Not only are these tins inexpensive, (from Ikea at $0.99 each), they also provide a place for your unorganized art supplies.
Applying a coat of gesso to the tin will act as a primer adhering acrylic paint, while carefully torn coloured images give a soft edge for blending in with the background. Therefore designing the rest of the tin to match your image is just as rewarding and fun. 
Once the background is painted the image is adhered with Modge Podge, in the meantime use your paints and markers to blend the two mediums together. Finally, finish off your tin by accessorizing it with flowers, buttons, words, outline anything you desire with a fine tipped black marker of your choice and then apply couple coats of varnish.

Warning: This is a sample of the tins that I have made, I given many away, nevertheless addicting but extremely fun to make.
Images used:

Enjoy today,

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Layering Images

Today I am sharing a card that I layered with a couple of images from Make It Crafty, they carry a wide arrange of png formatted images which allows for easy combining and layering. I highly recommend a browse through the online store. Additionally, there is a very well done tutorial explaining how to layer the images for you to watch.

The first image I used is Crystal, a digital stamp that is available through the shop or as part of Zoe McGrath's e-book, Shading with a Light Source. Not only are her e-books very detailed, but also helpful for improving your colouring skills.

The second image "Castle Hidaway" is just one of many background images designed to be layered and used to create an unique backdrop for your cards.

Keeping the card clean and simple allows for your focus to remain on the image that took hours to colour.
Wishing you a lovely day,

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Coipc Collage

For something different I put together a super fun to make collage of my Copic colourings.

I started a second collage but I still have to colour more images before I can put it together. The app I used is "Pic Collage" from the App Store, also available for Android. Most defiantly a fun way to display several photos at once.

Have a great day,

Friday, July 26, 2013

Eva and Unveiling of the Heart

It's the weekend.
My husband and I love spending some time on a Saturday morning drinking tea, visiting and catching up on our blogs. Therefore, I love to see extra postings on the weekend, so I figured I better post something myself.
The next images I am going to share are from Crafts and Me. They have some amazing Digi's. The first one is called Eva and the second is Unveiling of the Heart. Both of these images were great to colour, although I still have to use them on a card or in a mixed media project. I find I end up doing a lot more colouring than I do using them in projects. I like to look at the images in my portfolio.

Enjoy your weekend,

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Playful Plate

In our women's group we had pottery with the potting guild. I happened to be very ill the day we formed our pieces. A friend of mine was going to be away the day we painted and glazed them. So, we did a team effort. She knew I was after a plate and came up with this shape. It was perfect for the painting I wanted to do. I always loved stick figure kids playing in the park. I had a great time painting it and was pleased how it came out. What a fun time we had.

I have used it for appetizers, but it would also make a cute lunch plate for a child or adult, being me,a kid at heart.

Have a wonderful day,

Retirement Card

Today's card was for a school bus coordinator who was retiring. I had a hard time finding an appropriate image. After a lot of looking I decided on a Saturated Canary image, "What The Librarian Reads". The school bus paper, I purchased from Michaels brought it all together.

Have a fun and creative day,

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pretty As A Picture

I love Cheryl Alger designs, from Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps. The set of three, Playtime Lulu!,comes with a few sayings to match. It was an un-birthday card for a friend. Everyone needs an unexpected surprise once in a while, why not make it fun.

I loved this image; my friend had a costume dress up box for many years, she still might.
Have a super day,

Boobie Love 2

Today I am going to share my second card made with the Saturated Canary image Boobie Love. I coloured it in purple and green to represent the colours for lymphoma. This image can be coloured up to represent and give hope to many people who need a kind word or cheering up.


The card did its job, she was very pleased with it.
Have a great evening,

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Glass Fusing

How about some glass fusing? It is so much fun. We like to go Whitefish, Montana, a very nice tourist town. They have a awesome place where you can do several different projects, Stump Town Art Studio, glass fusing is just one. If you happen to go and make one, you don't get to take it home the same day, they have to fire it twice. The first firing is to melt it together and the second is to slump it into shape. They do ship if you are not able to pick up. The nice thing about going to the studio, all the mess and supplies are there. A lot easier on the pocket book. 

My first plate, before firing.

After firing and slumping. The slumping gives it a nice shape, if you wanted it to be flat you only need one firing.

My second plate, before firing.

After firing and slumping.

I have my next plate already in my mind. They are fun to make and use, something different to display your appetizers on.

Have a terrific day

Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Very Happy Scooter Girl, Almost

OOPS! Second Try, I lost my first post, almost ready to publish. We will try this again.
We had an amazing ride, the weather was perfect. We had a couple of parcels to pick up in Eureka, Montana, of  course mine was craft stuff. I got the new Envelope Punch Board, some Frontage, three of the new Julie Nutting stamps and a Diana Dudda stamp. Fun, fun.
I would like to share a project with you using one of Julie Nutting stamps already in my stash, Doll with Swing Dress. I purchased Julie's stamps from 7 Kids College Fund
Dina Kowal, displays some of her work in Daily Window Bags, They are a great  idea. When I saw Dina's, I ordered myself one. I thought Julie Nutting stamps would be perfect. This is what I came up with.

It turned out quite cute, I enjoy using my bag displaying my work.
Hope you had an amazing of a day as I had,


Wedding Cards

Both my niece and nephew got married this summer and these are the card boxes I made for them. I first seen a card like this on the Internet, I loved it. Sorry I am not sure who the person was that made it, no water mark on her image to go back on. The front of the box has a drawer that opens that I put a gift card into. This first card is my nephews, his colours were teal and orange. I used a Saturated Canary image, Double Take. The image for the date and name was from Redonkadoodles, it comes with a blank image for you to write your own sentiment or several sentiments already filled in for you. A great deal.

This second card was for my niece, her colours were a deep purple and silver. I used another  Saturated Canary image, Marry Me. Krista has such great images for you to colour. 

They were well received, and a lot of fun to make, something a little different. A bit of a challenge to get the box part to stick. The papers had a shinny  finish to them so the double side tape wouldn't hold the box together. I had to redo them using glue, then all was good. They are of course coloured with Copic Markers.
A beautiful day here, 
Nice day for a ride,
Scooter Girl on the go.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Beach Babes

This is a canvas that I painted from a card that a friend owns, we had a painting day at a women's group that I attend. I am quite pleased with how it turned out. It is nice to get together with other women and be creative.
Life is good,

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shoe Fetish

Today I am posting a card I made for my husband, he quite liked the image when he saw it. It is from Redonkadoodles and is called Shoe Fetish. He was very pleased with it, I even wrote a poem just for him inside.
Have a lovely day,

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Where Magic Happens

This was a card I made for my sons birthday. The images are from Mo's Digital Pencil, I cleaned up the backgrounds with an eraser app, found a forest picture on the net. In my word program I was able to impose the digital images to the position and size I wanted, then colored them with Copic markers. Very fun.

Here are the images I was going to use before I thought about imposing them onto a background. I still have to use them on another project. Colouring twice never hurts anyone, besides they were very fun to colour. 

Window Jewelry

Today I thought I would post some window jewlery that I have made. This is what got me into making other jewelry. We were asked to come up with some ideas and make a piece of window jewelry for a group that I go to. As I was searching the Internet for ideas my mind started to go crazy on all of the possibilities. They make great gifts, you can use just one wire shape or link several together with some wire and beads. So many options so little time.

Just an idea of how I make them. They are a lot of fun. Bending the wire, using a mallet or hammer to work harden the shapes, then add the beads to bling it up.
Have a wonderful and creative day,

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I thought I would share some of my wire jewelry that I have made. I love to create all kinds of things.
They are very fun to make and a little addicting. They are made from either sterling silver or argentium silver. 




Fairy Needle Cards

Hi, I just have so much to share. Being new to blogging I have a lot of back items sitting in my photos. These card I had fun making. The image is from Mo's digital pencil, called Fairy Needle
Very cute, the girls who received them liked them very much.
Bye for now,

Almost there!

I just wanted to share with you some fridge magnets I made to keep me on track. I gave up sugar January 1, and have been holding pretty true to my commitment. As a reminder I couldn't resist this Saturated Canary image Jamie Workout, I made a couple for some friends as well. I enjoy looking at mine, I have one on the fridge and one on my craft room table. Not much further to go, I will have to create a new one for next year saying "I Made It" or "Staying Lean in 2014".

Have a great Day,

Monday, July 15, 2013

Boobie Love Birthday

This is my first try to see if this works. The card below is coloured with Copic markers for a friends who is a breast cancer survivor. The Image was a free gift from Saturated Canary, by Krista Smith. The colours are my friends favourite at the time. I hope this works, I have lots to share.

Frilly Aprons

I just made these frilly aprons, one is for my daughter in law. She was hoping to make it with me, we ran out of time. I have sent the brown and mint to her for her birthday. The pattern was a free one from spotlight.
It was a lot of fun to make.